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SM Entertainment Considering Adding Another Round For SM Town Paris

3 May

SM Entertainment is reportedly considering adding one more round to the SM Town Live in Paris scheduled in June.
On May 1 (local time), about 300 K-pop fans gathered at the Le musee de l’ouvre and did a flashmob asking SM to add “One More Date” for the sold out SM Town concert in Paris.
SM said on May 2, “K-pop fans in other European countries as well as in France participated in the flashmob for “another round” of the concert. The local fans’ response to the first SM Town concert in Europe is so passionate we are now checking our artists’ schedules to add one more round.”
Tickets for the SM Town Live World Tour in Paris were sold out in 15 minutes after the ticket sale started.
The fans who failed to get a ticket gathered at the Le musee de l’ouvre with pickets for “One More Date” and danced to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, TVXQ’s Mirotic, SHINee’s Replay, and so on.
As illegal tickets are traded at an inflated price, members of Korean Connection, a French K-pop fanclub, has collected signatures for another round of the concert on the facebook.
People in the K-pop industry said, “With the development of digital media, a new paradigm has been made for distributing and consuming contents through Youtube, twitter, facebook, or I-tunes. This is a case to prove that K-pop is consumed and valued even without local promotion.”
You could see the flashmob video here :

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SM Entertainment reveals Kyuhyun’s full medical results after his accident

12 Apr

Worrying his fans after being injured in a car accident last week, SM Entertainment finally reveals the full result of Kyuhyun’s complete medical check up.

On a recent interview with TV Report, a representative from SM Entertainment that the complete medical check up did not state any major injury on the part of the Super Junior member. On the 11th of April, he revealed that “Kyuhyun received bruises on his arms and legs from the accident. He received a complete medical checkup as a precaution. But, no other injury has been found. So, we feel relieved.”

Due to the injury, Kyuhyun wasn’t able to appear in the musical “The Three Musketeers” on the 8th, but is confirmed to continue his other schedules with no restrictions. Kyuhyun is set to leave South Korea in the middle of April to join Super Junior M’s promotional activity in China.

The representative further added that even though it wasn’t a major injury, he is currently resting and will be heading for a final medical check up today.

A day after the accident, Kyuhyun was spotted filming for the music video of the theme song for Superstar K Season 3.

Source:TV Report and Sujuism
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SM Entertainment donates 1 billion KRW to Japan relief efforts

17 Mar

On March 17th, a representative from SM Entertainment revealed that the entertainment giant has donated 1 billion won (approximately $900,000 USD) after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake ripped through Japan’s northeastern coast.

The representative stated, “SM Entertainment and our artists offer our condolences to everyone affected by the Japanese earthquake. SM Entertainment has donated 1 billion KRW to Japan Red Cross in hopes that Japan can overcome this difficult situation as soon as possible. SM Entertainment and our artists are cheering for both the Japanese people and Korean citizens with a courageous heart.”

YG Entertainment has previously announced that they will be donating $500,000 USD and JYP Entertainment announced that they will donate to the cause as well.

What do you think of the generosity shown by all of these entertainment companies?

Source: Star News 1 and 2
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