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T-ara to follow up their retro concept success with “Round and Round”

19 Jul

The second part of girl group T-ara’s “Roly Poly” music video, released last week, topped GomTV’s real-time music video chart. T-ara most recently performed “Roly Poly” on Inkigayo’s “Summer Special” episode. The choreography for the title track has become a hit, causing a frenzy amongst fans on Youtube and the like.

T-ara will follow up their success with the retro concept in “Roly Poly” with a remake of Nami’s “Round and Round” (1984). The girls will put their all into the remake, which is set for an August 12 release. Their modernization of the song will merit its being called a “rebirth,” but T-ara will maintain the bright, cheerful song’s original fun lyrics and joyful melody.

T-ara will release their first Japanese single and begin full-fledged activities in Japan in early September.

Check out the original “Round and Round” below!

Source: Star News and Tiara Diadem
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T-ara’s ‘Roly Poly’ MV Part 2 Dominates Video Sites Instantly

12 Jul

T-ara’s ‘Roly Poly’ MV Part 2 shows that they are really popular.

On July 11th, at 1PM the 2nd Part to T-ara’s ‘Roly-Poly’ music video was released and topped GomTV’s real time music video chart.

Moreover, the 1st Part received over 1.5 million views on GomTV, topping their weekly charts as well.

Both parts of the MV were directed by Cha Euntaek. The first part in the style of a mini-drama, and the second T-ara being on different types of stages/sets.

After releasing 2 different shots, in the music and making form, fans from 40 different countries have watched “Roly-Poly” and have shown a lot of love over YouTube. The have danced the choreography and added it into the ending of the video to show their thankfulness for them.

“After seeing foreign fans following the choreography to Roly Poly at the end of the MV, it really put a smile on my face,” said some fans, “Everyone enjoys Roly Poly”, “The last part was really great, it was nice to watch”.

Source: http://news.nate.com…/20110712n16983
Written by: Park Geonwook
Translated by: Elly@Diadem

T-ara appointed as the new exclusive models of iRiver

18 Apr

Popular idol girl group T-ara has been chosen as the exclusive models for the popular MP3 brand iRiver on the 18th.

T-ara will release teaser ads, auction star events, and fans signings as the new face of iRiver and through various activities will meet with the consumers.

Because of T-ara’s lively and colorful personalities and because they’re loved with a variety of different ages, iRiver sensed T-ara will be able to strengthen the brand image and then receive and effect of favorable brand impressions.

The Director of Sales and Marketing for iRiver Korea said, “T-ara’s stylish/sophisticated appeal goes good with iRiver’s image and is why they were chosen as models. The T-ara members will each utilize their colorful personalities to reach the consumers through a variety of different activities.”

Meanwhile, T-ara is busy preparing for their Japan promotions and Qri and Eunjung have been cast in the KBS1 drama, “Geunchogo, The King of Baekje”.

Source: Nate / Nate
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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5dolls Hyoyoung says, “I’m not jealous” regarding her twin sister Hwayoung

7 Mar

Hyoyoung recently had an interview with Newsen and when asked about her twin sister Hwayoung, she stated, “I”m not jealous.” Hyoyoung is part of the mixed gender group Coed and is currently promoting in the female sub-unit 5dolls. Hwayoung, on the other hand, made her debut as the new member of T-ara. She adds, “Hwayoung joined an already successful group, so it makes sense that she would become popular already. I’m proud of her, but I want to create and build our own popularity.”

5dolls leader Soomi said, “One time I asked ‘do you want to be in T-ara?’ but she responded that she’d wanted to make her own path and rise to success instead of being given success.”

Despite being twins, the members of 5dolls said that Hyoyoung and Hwayoung had different personalities. In response to that, Hyoyoung said, “We always argue, actually, and everyone has to stop us.” The other members added, “Hyoyoung’s the mature one, while Hwayoung is the cute type. So Hyoyoung gives Hwayoung a lot of advice. Even though Hyoyoung is only 3 minutes older, sometimes it’s like she’s 3 years older.”

Then 5dolls revealed that Hyoyoung had suffered from a leg injury when preparations for the albums were in the works. Hyoyoung stated that it was hard and that, “It’s tough, but I don’t want my injury to effect the group.” The leg injury has healed, however, Hyoyoung still experiences pain during her performances and other schedules.

Soomi says, “During our practices, we admired her for working so hard and putting in so much effort despite her age. At first, she found time to practice by herself and didn’t tell us, this resulted in a miscommunication because we thought she was just playing around. She came to us crying about her leg and we felt sorry.”

5dolls are currently promoting two tracks, “It’s You” and “Lip Stains.” The members of 5dolls ends the interview with, “We’ll work hard on showing you a new side of us that you won’t see in Coed. We’ll work hard to become good singers.”

What do you think would have happend if Hwayoung had joined Coed with Hyoyoung instead of T-ara?

Source: coreclique and Newsen
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