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Super Junior-M’s Henry to attend opening of SM merchandise store in Taiwan

8 Jul

It was previously reported that SM Entertainment and Avex Taiwan were teaming up to open an SM Entertainment exclusive merchandise store in Taipei. Avex Taiwan has now announced that the store will be open for fans on July 8, with Super Junior-M’s Henry attending as a guest.

While the store will be open on the 8th, the grand opening is scheduled to occur on the 10th. Only 330 fans will be allowed to purchase merchandise from the store on the 8th, and only 630 fans will be allowed on the 9th. Fans will be let into the stores in groups of 30, and each group is limited to 30 minutes to make purchases.

This store is the first official SM Entertainment merchandise store outside of Korea. The store will feature over 500 items, including posters, fans, shopping bags, as well as other limited edition items only available in Taiwan.

Where do you think SM Entertainment will expand to next?

Source: Avex Taiwan and Yahoo! News
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FT Island tops music charts in Taiwan

8 Jul

Recently, FT Island has enjoyed success in both Korea and Japan, as the group’s concerts have sold out in record time. In addition to this success, FT Island is also setting records in Taiwan, with the release of the group’s new mini-album, “RETURN,” on June 24th.

On G-Music’s sales chart, the largest CD sales chart in Taiwan, for the week of June 24th to June 30th, FT Island grabbed the number 1 spot for the Korean and Japanese sales charts with 29% of the total J-Pop and K-Pop sales. Additionally, FT Island also grabbed the number 1 spot on the Combo chart, which combines the sales of all albums from all countries and genres. The group accounted for 8.1% of the total sales, beating out the popular Lady Gaga and Jam Hsiao.

On ezPeer’s weekly singles chart, FT Island managed to grab the number 1 and number 3 spots with “Hello Hello” and “Confession”. On its weekly albums chart, the group ranked 1st for its first week on the chart.

What do you think of FT Island’s recent success?

Source: ezPeer and G-Music

SJ-M Loves Taiwan, Leads Korean Groups for Concert

19 May

SJ-M will be ending their long stay at the end of the month, and the 8 members, along with South Korean group U-Kiss and Girl’s Day, a total of 20 people attended the press conference before the “I Love You Taiwan! We are Friends” concert, yesterday. SJ-M’s Siwon had his Chinese level tested by the media on the spot, requesting him to act as the translator, but that did not pose any difficulty to him at all.

During the press conference held yesterday afternoon, SJ-M who had been living in Taiwan for almost 2 months, was asked about their favourite place of interest in Taiwan. Ryeowook who had made a significant progress with his Chinese, said: “I like the night market, Taipei 101, Jiu Fen, and the school in the movie “Secret”1. He then added that shaved ice, taro balls and spring onion dough cakes are very delicious!” Siwon did not forget to promote his new drama, “I love the filming locations of ‘Extravagant Challenge’”.

Siwon’s Chinese is fluent enough to be a translator

Siwon and Donghae are currently filming a Taiwanese idol drama, and they had their Chinese levels tested by the media. Siwon was requested to translate for Girl’s Day who was visiting Taiwan for the first time, and ask them “What is your favourite Taiwanese snack”, as expected, it was of no difficulty to him at all, causing the people present to applaud for Siwon. Girl’s Day expressed that, “We have heard that the Taiwanese pearl milk tea2, (and) mango shaved ice are very well known, we would like to try them!” U-Kiss who had just arrived in Taiwan said that it is their second time coming to Taiwan and they were very happy to see many enthusiastic fans.

Girl’s Day showed their playful charms U-Kiss adds charisma

The concert was held at the International Conference Center, and all 3000 tickets have all been snapped up as soon as they were made available. Girl’s Day showed an energetic song and dance performance, with a playful opening, followed by Dai Ai Ling, U-Kiss and Danson Tang who consecutively made their appearances. SJ-M, who were the final performers for the night sang “Perfection” and 3 other songs, the fans below the stage had sang along to the songs, bringing the concert atmosphere to its climax.

SJ-M’s new album “Perfection” version A and B, had sold a total of 55000 copies in Taiwan, showing a good sales result, and to repay the fans, they will be having an autograph session on the 21st of May, 4pm, on the 2nd floor at Dream Plaza of the Hankyu Departmental Store, Taipei. The autograph session is estimated to last up to 4 hours, where they will be signing for 1000 lucky fans.

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ZE:A’s “Lovability” reaches #2 on Taiwanese chart

5 Apr

The boys of ZE:A have been riding a wave of success, cemented by the release of their first full-length album “Lovability.” Now, it seems like their popularity is beginning to grow in Taiwan, as well.

Though their album was just released on March 29th in the country, it nabbed the #2 on that week’s GMUSIC chart(March 25-31), bested only by fellow K-pop artist TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

In regards to the their placement, the group said, “We want to thank everyone for showing their love for our album not only in Korea but in Taiwan as well. We will work hard to do our best in the future.”

Are you surprised by their placement?

Source: 10 Asiae
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CHANGES to the Asia Tour Schedule– China and Taiwan Added!!!!!!

1 Apr

Announcement on the Changes in the Cities (Visited by) JYJ’s Asia Tour

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We thank you for the high attention (you give) to the JYJ World Tour Concert.

We give you this announcement because there are changes to the cities and countries of the JYJ Asia Tour of the World Tour.

Concerts in Indonesia and Singapore, which were selected in the first announcement of the World Tour, are cancelled. At this, we are extremely sorry for the disappointment to the many fans of those regions. We will do our best to visit you again in good form in the future.

We inform you of the changes and the confirmed schedule of the Asia tour as below.

As for the official sellers of the tickets, we will announce through the home page as soon as they are confirmed.

Thank you.

April 2, 3: Bangkok, Thailand

April 23: Taipei, Taiwan

May 7: Beijing, China

June 11, 12: Pusan, Korea

Here is the English announcement that C-JeS posted:

New Asia Tour Schedule

Thank you for your concern and interest in JYJ World Tour Concert. I finalise the cities and dates of Asia Tour.

As cancelling the World Tour at Indonesia and Singapore, I do know that many fans there are disappointed and devastated. I feel sorry for fans about the cancellation. We will visit you with better songs, better shows later.

Below is the changed and confirmed Tour schedule. Website that you can buy tickets will be announced through Cjes website and World Tour facebook page, please wait for the next notice.

2nd, 3rd April; Bangkok, Thailand

23rd April; Taipai, Taiwan

7th May; Beijing, China

11th, 12th June; Busan, Korea

Source: C-JeS

Translation Credit: JYJ3