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2PM’s sudden visit to Thailand as models for perfume brand freezes the city

11 Apr

The male group 2PM have frozen the city of Thailand.

2PM have visited Thailand on the 4th for a product promotion and received hot welcomes from the local fans.

Recently, 2PM was selected as the models for Thailand’s largest perfume brand ‘Eversense’. They had interviews and press conferences with the local media, and also a meeting with the fans.

2PM’s management company, JYP Entertainment told StarNews on the 11th that “2PM’s visit to Thailand had brought a halt to the city” and “it was like a festival as more than 20,000 fans gathered to see 2PM from nearby buildings, footpaths and even railway platforms.”

At the promotion event, 2PM greeted their fans and enjoyed games with them on the stage. A side story is that the hot responses from the fans led 2PM to responded back with a guerrilla concert and sing their hit song ‘I Can’t’ on the spot.

Currently, 2PM is busy working for their new upcoming albums in Korea and Japan. They recently released a DVD of their live concert and received high attention.

Source: Star | Kor-Eng: Haeda @2pmalways
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JYJ Concert in Bangkok High Light on “Sat Zone”

10 Apr

Credit: fingyy17
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Teaser for the Kick-off in Thailand, April 2-3rd!!

25 Mar

A Korean fan has made a very good promotional teaser for the upcoming kick-off of the JYJ World Tour in Thailand.

Wow!! Please enjoy, Thai fans, and spread wide. Please take advantage of being the starting point of the 80-day tour.

Source: DC TVXQ Gallery, More 님; Original Video from C-JeS

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