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Big Bang Postpones Tokyo and Yokohama concert due to Aftershocks

20 Apr

With Big Bang’s Japanese promotions set to begin in early May, many fans have expressed their concerns over the group’s safety in Japan because major aftershocks have been disrupting all over the country lately. However, much to their relief, YG Entertainment has confirmed local media today that Big Bang’s Japanese promotions will be shortened to two weeks, as opposed to the original two month plan, and the Tokyo and Yokohama concerts will be postponed indefinitely.

“All Big Bang members really want to do the concerts in Japan as originally planned to show their support and love for everyone hurt by the recent disaster. But there still are major aftershocks happening in Japan, and many fans from other countries have voiced their concerns over Big Bang’s security. We thought it was a major concern too so we decided to postpone the Tokyo and Yokohama concerts, which haven’t sold any tickets yet,” an official from YGE told Star News Money Today.

However, the concerts in Osaka, Chiba, and Nagoya will be held as planned since all tickets have been sold out already and the members have visited the concert halls in each city twice to check out the security there, according to the official. This means Big Bang will hold a total of eight concerts over two weeks in Japan: Osaka from May 10th to 11th, Chiba from May 13th to 15th, and Nagoya from the 17th to 19th. Big Bang released their special edition album on Apr. 8th and will promote the album until May 1st in Korea. Their second full Japanese album will be released on May 11th.

cr: eugenekim222@soompi