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TVXQ “Superstar” Full PV

21 Jul

This is the full PV of Tohoshinki’s 1st Japanese single “Superstar”
The duo are showcasing their singing talent and dancing sleek choreography wearing white and black.

Source: RereJae
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TVXQ to perform on Music Station on July 22nd

12 Jul

TVXQ will be releasing their upcoming Japanese single “Superstar” on July 20th, and after half a year hiatus in Japan, the duo will be making their comeback performance on Asahi TV’s Music Station on July 22nd. Their last performance on Music Station was in January after they released their single, “Why (Keep Your Head Down),” and they will appear on the show again 6 months later.

They are scheduled for various activities to promote their single “Superstar” following its release on July 20th. The song is already being used as the song for 7-Eleven CFs, in which they are endorsing alongside SNSD (“Hoot”).

TVXQ will be taking part of KBS Music Bank’s Kpop Festival on July 13th in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome.

Source: Newsen
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Gaon names TVXQ’s “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” most sold album of the year

8 Jul

TVXQ (Yunho, Changmin) made their impending comeback in January of this year with their album and title song “Why (Keep Your Head Down).” According to Gaon, the duo has sold the most amount of albums for the first half of 2011. Between January 1st and June 30th, they have sold 230,922 units of their album, giving them first place in most sold this year. In addition, their repackaged album took 9th place with an additional 55,243 units sold.

Taking 2nd place was Big Bang with their 4th mini-album, which sold 133,051 units, while their special edition album came in 6th place with an additional 83,276 units sold.

BEAST takes 3rd place with their first full-length album “Fiction and Fact,” which sold 111,201 units since its release in May.

SS501 Kim Hyunjoong’s solo mini-album “Break Down” took 4th place with 100,433 units sold, winning him the top solo seller so far this year. The mini-album as released on June 8th sold over 100,000 copies within the first two weeks of release.

01. TVXQ – Why (Keep Your Head Down) – 230,922
02. Big Bang – 4th mini-album – 133,051
03. BEAST – Fiction and Fact – 111,201
04. Kim Hyunjoong – Break Down – 100,433
05. CNBLUE – First Step – 93,059
06. Big Bang – Special Edition – 83,276
07. 2PM – Hands Up – 67,819
08. f(x) – Pinocchio (Danger) – 58,419
09. TVXQ – Why (Keep Your Head Down) repackaged – 55,243
10. “Secret Garden” OST – 47,373

Others in the Top 20 included Big Bang Seungri’s “V.V.I.P,” drama “You Are Beautiful” OST, IU’s “Real,” MBLAQ’s “BLAQ Style,” 4minute’s “4MINUTE LEFT,” Heo Youngsaeng “Let It Go,” and SNSD’s “The 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into The New World.'”

Source: 10Asia and Gaon
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TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joong, Attends UAM Lauch Party

25 Jun

Korea’s top idol bands TVXQ, 2PM, Super Junior, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and many other artistes attended the opening of UAM.

On the 24th, the artistes gathered at Banyan Tree Club and Spa in Seoul for the “UAM (United Asia Management) launch party”.

UAM is an asian entertainment agency; a collaboration between the 6 major entertainment agencies in Korea, namely KeyEast, Am Entertainment, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, with the main aim of promoting the Hallyu wave.

UAM plans to focus on mainly network media, through the internet, aiding artistes from the 6 major companies to enter the world market through movies, dramas and variety show productions.

On this day, many artistes such as TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior and 2pm gathered together for the launch of UAM.

Source: [baidutvxq] and [SSTV]
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Second Concert Date Added For SMTown Live In Paris

10 May

The announcement of the June 10 SMTown Paris concert generated enormous excitement, with tickets selling out within 15 minutes. The cost of the cheapest seats were 56 Euros (~88,000 won) and VIP seats at 111 Euros (~175,000 won), but there were VIP tickets being scalped for 399 Euros (~620,000 won) online on the first day that tickets were being sold.

The high difficulty of purchasing seats for the single concert date caused many European fans to urge SM Entertainment to put on an additional performance. The request by fans for a second concert date culminated in a flash-mob outside the Louvre Museum in Paris attended by over 300 people. As a result of the huge demand, SM Entertainment confirmed a second performance date for June 11. SM Entertainment expects the total two-day attendance number to reach 13,000 fans.

According to KoME France, an official partner of SMTown Live in Paris organiser Korean Connection, the tickets for the second showing will go onsale at 10AM, May 11th. Ticket prices will remain unchanged and will be sold at the same websites which previously offered the tickets for the first showing, such as Live Nation.

Source: dongA, KoMe_France
Written by: michaelroni@soshified.com
Translated by: jreddevil07@soshified.com
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Why (Keep Your Head Down) Japanese album jacket video released

5 May

Back on January 26th, TVXQ released the Japanese version of “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”. The reception was immense and they immediately achieved the number 1 spot on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly Charts.

Recently, the offshoot video for the making of the Japanese version’s album jacket has been released. Check it out below.

Although the album was released back in January, there was minimum promotion for it. Now the duo will move onto Japan for their promotional activities as they plan to release a new Japanese song, “I Don’t Know” on May 11th.

Source: dhanirahman52

Choikang Changmin Says “I think It’ll be Hard for A Woman Over the Age of 30 to Have A Baby”

16 Apr

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has stated that, “I don’t want my wife to be over the age of 30 when I marry her.

tvN’s ‘On Location Talk Show: Taxi’ will be airing the first episode of ‘NEW Taxi’ with TVXQ as their guest stars. The episode is set to show TVXQ’s Myeongdong outing that paralyzed the streets with fans, as well as the members’ open-minded feelings about dating and marriage, amongst other things.

U-Know Yunho drew the attention of many when he said, “If I were to start dating, I want it to be behind closed doors,” and “I want to get married by the time I’m 32.” Choikang Changmin, on the other hand, stated, “I don’t want my wife to be over the age of 30 when I marry her.” When asked why by MC Lee Young Ja, Choikang Changmin had everyone cracking up in laughter as he replied, “Because it’ll be hard for her to have a baby at that age.

They are planning to openly talk about the difficulties they faced during their 2 year and 3 month absence from Kpop. TVXQ even visited MyeongDong and Eewa Women’s college and spent time with their fans there. There was even a fun challenge where U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin had to buy a present with just 10,000 KRW that would surprise and touch the hearts of their girlfriends.

source: [sports chosun]
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TVXQ got married with “Heroes” members !

11 Apr

Check out the wedding photos of TVXQ with the members of SBS Variety show “Heroes”.Honestly they look flawless here,ChangMin and IU make and great couple,what do you think?

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WHY (Keep Your Head Down) Japanese License Version

10 Apr

Due to the earthquake in Japan , the release date will be delayed from the 30th of March.

This is a notice about the new release date for『WHY (Keep Your Head Down) Japanese License Version』

【New Release Date】May 4th(Wed)
【Product Information】
『(WHY)(Keep Your Head Down) Japanese License Version』
【Deluxe First Print Limited Edition CD+DVD】AVCK-79025/B 5,500 Yen (Tax. Inc.)
【Normal Edition CD+DVD】AVCK-79026/B 3,990 Yen (Tax. Inc.)

NB: The product content is unchanged.

This has caused great inconvenience to our customers, and I ask for your understanding.

Once again, we extend our sympathies to victims of the earthquake and wish for the affected areas to be revived as soon as possible.

Product Information

(WHY)(Keep your head down) Japanese License Version

2011.5.4 on sale

■CD+DVD 【Deluxe First Print Limited Edition】
5,500 Yen (Tax. Inc.)

BOX Measurements(215×154×25)
Deluxe 62P Photobooklet
Japanese Original Special:Trading Cards (1 from a selection of 6 chosen at random)
Japanese Translations Booklet

01. Why (Keep Your Head Down)
02. 信じたくない話 [shinjitakunai hanashi/words I can’t believe] (How can I)
05. Honey Funny Bunny
07. 告白 [kokuhaku] (Confession)
08. Our Game
09. SHE
10. アテナ (ATHENA)
12. これだけは、分かっていってほしい-独白 [koredake wa, wakatteitte hoshii – dokuhaku] -Before U go(Monologue)-
13. これだけは、分かっていってほしい [koredake wa, wakatteitte hoshii] (Before U go)
14. これだけは、分かっていってほしい-独白 [koredake wa, wakatteitte hoshii – dokuhaku] -Before U Go (Monologue)- (Instrumental)

・Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Music Video Korea Version
・Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Music Video Drama Version
※Before U Go Full ver. will be the same
・Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Album Jacket Photoshoot Making

■CD+DVD 【Normal Edition】
3,990 Yen(Tax. Inc.)

Japanese Original Special: Sing-along Korean Lyrics+Japanese Translations Booklet
Trading Cards (1 from a selection of 6 chosen at random)

01. Why (Keep Your Head Down)
02. 信じたくない話 [shinjitakunai hanashi/words I can’t believe](How can I)
05. Honey Funny Bunny
07. 告白 [kokuhaku](Confession)
08. Our Game
09. SHE
10. アテナ (ATHENA)
12. これだけは、分かっていってほしい-独白 [koredake wa, wakatteitte hoshii – dokuhaku] -Before U go(Monologue)-
13. これだけは、分かっていってほしい [koredake wa, wakatteitte hoshii] (Before U go)
14. これだけは、分かっていってほしい-独白 [koredake wa, wakatteitte hoshii – dokuhaku] -Before U Go (Monologue)- (Instrumental)

・Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Music Video Korea Version
・Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Music Video Dance A Version
・Why? (Keep Your Head Down) Music Video Dance B Version

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CreBeau Cosmetics to Take Serious Legal Action Against Rumor-Spreaders

2 Apr

Long-standing Malicious False Rumor Spreaders Will Be Taken Care Of Through Legal Means

CreBeau Cosmetics, which has been misperceived by a portion of fans on the matter of the lawsuit between the popular idol group TVXQ, has stood up to take strong legal measures against malicious fans.

CreBeau Corporation has had charged a portion of these fans – who spread rumors on not only internet blogs but various forms of internet communities false rumors that the company was a ponzi-scheme, that it manipulated stock prices in the tunes of millions of KRW, and that it used unverifiable and harmful substances as the cosmetics base – last year to the judicial authorities. Among them, for those who deleted on their own the false rumors, the company withdrew from pursuing the charges. For the other (charged fans), they have received judgments to pay fines of over 2,000,000 KRW (approximately 2,000 USD) and are facing a civil lawsuit.

Furthermore, last year as well, the public prosecutor has concluded also that the Cosmetics company is unrelated to the lawsuit between the group TVXQ (in its former form) and the agency, and that it was innocent and not guilty of all charges and arguments that SM made.

Despite this, however, some malicious fans are even now writing false rumors on internet portals and communities and spreading them. Furthermore, they have translated them into English, Japanese, Chinese and other languages and are spreading malicious blogs. Furthermore, they compulsively write malicious replies. Therefore, they are inflicting serious damages to this company not just in Korea but also in the markets abroad. The company therefore has come to take this measure, and it seems that a significant portion of them will become involved in this legal action.

An affiliate of the company said: “Until now we have obtained sufficient evidence and the number of people (against whom we will take legal action) is significant, and so we have finished the legal review along with retaining an attorney. We cannot let alone such acts and people as– acts of writing/posting false rumors and make them be carried and spread around and not deleting them voluntarily; those people who posted false rumors drafted by others; acts of not deleting their own writings even though they have been spread by others; and acts of compulsively writing malicious replie; and others. On this legal action, we will have these people bear all responsibilities available under civil and criminal law.

Source: CreBeau and NewsWire

Translation Credit: JYJ3