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Kim Junsu and Gikwang Twitter Update

26 Nov


B2stGK : Thank you, thank you, I love you. We will work really hard to be a better artist for you guys!

Junsu: Congratulations, Gi Kwang-AH ~!!

B2stGK : @0101xiahtic, haha thanks hyung ^^~~~kk have a good trip in Hawaii ^.^~~!! come back soon ~.~

Source: @0101xiahtic + @B2stGK
Translation by: WithJunsu
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X5 Magnae Sulhu Creates Twitter

12 Jul

Twitter is really becoming trend for kpop idols right?
Now X-5 maknae started to tweet!

Follow him @SulHu95 his latest updates, photos and tweet^^

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Junho deletes twitter account

5 Jun

After receiving hateful tweets from some of Junsu’s fans who criticized him for deciding to work with Avex, Junho finally decided to delete his twitter account on June 3rd.

In response to two fans’ tweets, Junho tweeted the following:

“I just want to say one thing to you. Though I am grateful that you love and worry about my little brother, I do not believe that I think and worry about my little brother any less than you do. I, too, always pray that things will turn out well and my heart aches so much when a problem arises. I just want you to know that my decision (to work with Avex) was not one that I made thinking only of my own success.”

“You say that I faulted fans. Where in my tweets did you get that impression? To you, I am a person who always causes harm to my little brother. I apologize for being such a person.”

From Junho’s tweets in reply to the fans, you can see he was really hurt by the fans’ tweets. Before deleting his twitter, Junho made some final tweets explaining his decision as well as his gratitude to those who have supported him up to this point.

“I’m thinking of deleting my Twitter account because I think I’ll feel better if I don’t tweet in Korean anymore. Will me stopping my tweets like this make those who spoke ill of me become genial? If I just give up everything, would that make things run smoothly for them(JYJ)? I don’t know either. This situation wears me out as I can’t tell you everything about what’s going on.

I’m so sorry to the people who have shown me their support till now. From now on, I’ll work hard and not let my mind wander to other things. I think I gained a lot of strength from your support when I tweeted while I was traveling overseas. I would like to thank you all once more. Thank you all, and I love you. Take care of your health.

I’m not deleting this account because I’m scared of those tweets or because I’m avoiding them. I started this account knowing that things like this would definitely happen because I work in this particular industry. Because I read each and every mention that I receive and because I keep reading such tweets, I keep thinking about them and I find myself unable to concentrate, so I laid down this decision in order to completely immerse myself in my work.

I am still such a small presence in this life. I’ll be on the same level as others only if I work harder than them as I started my career much later. From now on, I’m going to do nothing but focus on my work. I’m always short on time anyway. I will keep the hearts of those who have supported me till now in my heart and focus on my work completely without thinking of anything else. I will keep working and working hard.

Last of all, I would like to apologize once more to the fans of Junsu who have had a hard time because of my decision. I believe that you will protect my little brother till the end. Take care of your health and be happy.”

What are your thoughts on all this?

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KARA’s Seungyeon thanks their fans’ support on Twitter

30 Apr

Following recent confirmations that DSP Media has come into a compromise with Han Seungyeon, Kang Jiyoung and Nicole Jung after a long legal battle. After 100 days of battling controversies and speculations, it has been reported that DSP Media and KARA have sent out their official apology for bringing worries to their fans and has promised a more mature approach in the future.

However, one member of the group continues to thank their fans for the trust and support as KARA’s Seungyeon shared her sentiments on microblogging site, Twitter. On a recent update hours ago, Seungyeon posted a message stating, “You all waited for a long time, right? ^^ I love you!”

Meanwhile it has also been revealed that all five members of the group have finished recording for their next single in Japan and is confirmed to release it by June.

Source: @fateflysy and Soompi
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