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Introducing the new members U-Kiss AJ, Hoon

13 Apr

Idol group U-KISS has made their comeback with the release of their 5th mini album entitled ‘Bran New Kiss’. Instead of showing their usual intense music style and strong men images, U-KISS has come back as romantic guys through this album.

The most different thing that can be noticed through this cycle of activities is the recruitment of new members. U-KISS has recruited the former member of Paran’s AJ and once had a solo career’s Hoon into the group, to show their mature side without regret.

As new members, they have already participating actively in the group’s activities. They did feel the burden as they weren’t debuting with a new group.

“I did not feel like carrying a big burden due to the experiences I’ve collected during my previous activities. But I did feel a little bit of burden since I only sing ballad songs before. So, I’m keeping up well to avoid any trouble” said Hoon. Hearing Hoon’s word, with a delight look on his face, leader’s Soohyun added “I’m really proud of him as he’s doing so well.” Hoon replied back “Seems like leader hyung really loves me.”

AJ was part of Paran before. He debuted at a very young age and held activities together with those who are older than him, and he is now going through a new experience by joining U-KISS, which the members are on a similar age range with him.

“It’s true that my opinion wasn’t reflected during my activities with Paran hyungs because I was very young at that time. At that time, I accepted hyungs’ opinions and just followed them as I realized that was the right decision to be taken. Now I will apply all those things that I have learned with U-KISS to help one another developed more.” (AJ)

This is not the first time U-KISS made a change on the members. U-KISS was formerly a 6-member group before adding ‘uljjang’ Kiseop to form a 7-member group. Kiseop had to endure with tons of harsh comments from fans that were bursting their dissatisfaction with the sudden member’s addition.

“I have told them my experience regarding the (fans) reactions when there were new members coming in. At first, we will feel hurt as the fans only cheered for the existing members, but eventually the fans will understand and begin to cheer for us since we were working hard on stage too. So I told the new members not to get hurt too much and just do well.” (Kiseop)

The existing members were asked about the new members’ charm. Soohyun answered without hesitation “Both of them are really talented. They will deliver just like what is expected from them. I think that we’ve learned a lot from them too.”

Kiseop added “First of all, they are so hardworking, and their bright side is really charming. They are as passionate and greedy as the others too.”

Meanwhile, U-KISS who currently is having a full-fledged comeback with a sad hip hop music ‘0330’, is reported to held various activities not only domestically, but overseas as well in countries such as Japan, Thailand, America etc.

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U-Kiss comes back to Music Core later than “0330”

9 Apr

U-Kiss released their latest album on the 29th of March. The boys completed their debut stages last week on M! Countdown, Music Bank, and finally on Inkigayo. However, U-Kiss did not get a chance to perform their comeback stage on Music Core, due to its cancellation last week.

Tonight, U-Kiss finally made their comeback on Music Core. On tonight’s episode, U-Kiss performed “0330”. Their songs from their latest mini album have been successful, especially due to the fact that they recently picked up two new members, Hoon and AJ.

Check out their performance from tonight’s episode of Music Core, below!

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UPDATE: Korea Times reveals next group for this year’s Korean Hollywood Bowl

30 Mar

After much anticipation, Korea Times have revealed another group for the 9th Korean Music Festival Hollywood Bowl 2011. The concert is set for Saturday, April 30th. The concert has been a yearly event since it was first established in 2003 and has invited artists such as BoA, TVXQ, Fly To The Sky, Tae Jinah, Bae Jiyoung, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, KARA, and more.

The Korean Music festival Hollywood Bowl is a family concert and is aimed towards all the group ages. Idols, as well as trot and ballad singers, have all been invited to the concert in the past, giving fans in the U.S. a chance to see their favorite singers.

Tickets for the concert is still available at the Korean Music Festival website or you can visit the Korea Times Ticket Office in Los Angeles, California.

Korea Times Ticket Office (in the lobby)
4525 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90010
(323)692-2055, (323)692-2070, (323)692-2178

For those who have already purchased their tickets to the concert, they can now be picked up at the Korea Times office. Tickets have already been delivered to those unable to pick them up.

Now it has been announced through the Korea Times website for the Korean Hollywood Bowl has revealed that Secret will be the next idol group to join this year’s concert!

The list so far of all artists attending:
Sul Woondo, DJ DOC, SISTAR, 4minute, Kim Janghoon, Lee Eunha, U-KISS, Bae Jiyoung, G.NA, Jay Park, Jeong Soora, K.Will, Secret, Bobby Kim, Jeon Young Lok, and Song So Hee.

Will you be attending this year’s concert?

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U-KISS’s new members Hoon and AJ talk about their new roles

29 Mar

Boy band U-KISS has been going through a lot of changes recently. With two new members introduced and 2 members removed, many fans are anticipating the new U-KISS this year.

The two newest members to the group, Hoon and AJ, recently sat down for an interview with Star News and talked about the pressures they felt in joining a group already established for the past 3 years.

Hoon explained, “I used to promote alone, so it’s a lot of fun joining a group now and having hyungs(older brothers) and dongsaengs(younger siblings). It’s just that there’s a lot of pressure in joining such an established group, which weighs heavily down on my shoulders. Regardless, it makes me want to work harder.” AJ added, “I was a member of Paran, but I was actually a potential member of U-KISS as well. I ended up making a big turn before finally becoming a U-KISS member, and although I’m still lacking in a lot of aspects, I really did give my best for this album. Despite the pressure, I’ll work to show my efforts and my growth.”

U-KISS will be making their comeback with “0330” on March 30th. Are you excited to see the new members perform?

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Alexander finally breaks his silence over NH Media’s contract termination

12 Mar

For the first time since NH Media announced the contract termination of former UKISS members Alexander and Kibum, Alexendar has finally broken his silence and posted a long message for his fans. On the 12th of March, Alexander posted his side of the story on the microblogging site, Twitter. This is his first message ever since the whole controversy started.

He posted the message in both Korean and English.

Good morning everyone, this is Alexander. Long time no see. Thank you for waiting patiently during this difficult time.

As you all know, my departure from U-KISS has been official, and my contract with NH EMG has been terminated.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for all my beloved KISSme fans from all around the world for being my BEST support since my debut in U-KISS.

All of your love & support made me into who I am today, with all my achievements.

I know that my departure from U-KISS might be quite sudden and heart-breaking for most of our KISSme fans…

It is also heart-breaking for me to say goodbye to all of you. But I would say, I respect the decision of my company.

I would like to thank Mr. NH Kim (CEO of NH EMG) for giving me the opportunity to work as a member of U-KISS, and to thank all of my fellow NH EMG staffs for their care.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank my U-KISS members. During these 4 years, we played, we worked, we fought, we laughed, we cried… I have learnt so much from you guys…

Thank you so much for letting me be a big brother all these years… You guys are like real brothers to me… I’m sorry that I could not continue the journey with you guys… But I will always be supporting you guys! All the best to your comeback. Hopefully one day we could once again stand together on the same stage… Love you all…

Although I have no idea what my next step will be, I will just humbly follow wherever the Lord leads me to. Meanwhile, I would like to take a rest, do something meaningful, and upgrade myself.

Lastly, it was my honor to work for my beloved KISSme from all around the world. I won’t say this is a goodbye. Hope to see you all again very soon as a new Xander. Thank you so so so much & I love y’all always…♥

“Although we’ve come, to the End of the road, still I can’t let go…”♪ (Boyz II Men – End of the Road)

Now that Alexander has spoken his side of the story, will the fans be able to accept the new fate UKISS is holding?

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New U-Kiss member revealed

7 Mar

With the departure of U-Kiss members Alexander and Kibum, two new members are stepping in to take their place. The first addition revealed to be a young man named Yeo Hoonmin.

Hoon was born in 1991, and he was selected to be the new member for U-Kiss for his impressive vocal ability, good looks, and tall stature. The singer most recently appeared on the SBS drama “Athena” and currently holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

The new members are set to debut when U-Kiss makes their comeback with their new album this month. Check out a clip of Hoon’s singing in this music video below.

What do you think of the new member?

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U-Kiss in Medan, Indonesia

6 Mar

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Alexander to perform with U-KISS one more time

5 Mar

Fans were shocked when Korean news reports began to say that Kibum and Alexander had officially withdrawn from the male group U-KISS. Reports say that this had been decided months ago and NH Media made the decision to pull out the two members to give the group more vocal strength.

Unfortunately, Kibum’s contract with the entertainment company was terminated in January. On the other hand, while Alexander’s contract was also terminated, NH has made a condition that he would be given a freelance contract if U-KISS were to have overseas activities. Meanwhile, Kibum will be focusing on the company that he owns with his brother, while Alexander works on other unknown projects.

At the end of January, an announcement had been made regarding a U-KISS mini-concert in Medan, Indonesia. The concert will take place on March 5th and many are wondering how the concert will be carried out, now that two members have been pulled out. Even though he is no longer under contract with the U-KISS, Alexander will perform on March 5th to fulfill the concert contract. Unfortunately, because Kibum’s contract was terminated in January, he will not be performing with the group.

After the concert, it has been reported that U-KISS will make their comeback with a ballad and will introduce two new members to the group. The two new members have already been reported to be hard at work for their debut. U-KISS fans will also not be able to read any new tweets from the U-KISS members until after the concert.

How are you taking the news? Will you welcome the two U-KISS members for their debut?

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