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GD&TOP, Se7en, BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A and Kim Gunmo to attend “Hallyu Dream Concert”

21 Aug

The “2011 Hallyu Dream Festival” has updated their list of performers! On a press release confirmed today, it was announced that GD&TOP, Se7en, BEAST, 4 minute, G.NA, Secret, ZE:A and Kim Gunmo are due to attend and perform.

The new batch of performers will join Girls’ Generation, 2PM, TVXQ, SHINee, and miss A who were previously confirmed for the event.

“Hallyu Dream Festival” is a three-day event which will take place in Gyeongju, South Korea. Korean actor Ryu Siwon will hold an official fanmeeting for the festival’s first day. It will include a birthday concert, photo zone and many other surprises.

On the third and final day, the festival will hold a “Hallyu Dream Concert” which will feature Korea’s best entertainment acts. Confirmed artists to join the event are mentioned above.

Meanwhile, it is also rumored that the event will have a total of 18 artists and plans to add five more acts to the list. The concert will be on the 3rd of October in Gyeongju’s Citizen Stadium.

What do you think of the festival’s line-up? Are you attending the event?

Source: VisitKoreaYear and iBigbang

ZE:A releases 1st English song “Invincible” for “Ronin Pop” OST

8 Jul

In January, it was revealed that all of the members of ZE:A would be taking part of their first Japanese movie titled “RONIN POP.” In addition to featuring in the movie, ZE:A also contributed to the OST.

ZE:A sings their first released English song titled “Invincible” for “RONIN POP.” “Invincible” is a rock-sounding song, unlike any of their past released songs.

Check out their song below and let us know what you think about it!

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ZE:A’s “WATCH OUT” on Music Back

8 Jul

ZE:A performs “Watch Out” on Music Bank.

Enjoy their performance here ^ ^

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ZE:A New Japanese Album Tracklist

22 Jun

『Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~』
Released in August 24th, 2011(Tue)

★Type-A +Photo album

 【Song List】
1. Watch Out ~熱愛注意報/Passionate Love Warning~ (Japanese ver.)
2. Here I am (Japanese ver.)
3. Love Coach (Japanese ver.)
4. Watch Out
5. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~ -Instrumental-
6. Here I am -Instrumental-
7. Love Coach -Instrumental-
● 28 Pages Photo book of Japan original cut included.
● Sleeve case specification

★Type-B +DVD

 【Song List】
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~ (Japanese ver.)
2. Here I am (Japanese ver.)
3. Love Coach (Japanese ver.)
4. Watch Out
5. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~-Instrumental-
6. Here I am -Instrumental-

[DVD Specification]
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~ (Japanese ver.) PV
2. Here I am PV (with Japanese subtitle)
3. Latest making clipA(total 10minutes)

DVD Time:20minutes

★Type-C +DVD

【Song List】
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~(Japanese ver.)
2. New Song A(From Korean Album)
3. New Song B(From Korean Album)
4. Watch Out
5. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~-Instrumental-
6. Here I am -Instrumental-

[DVD Specification]
1. Watch Out ~Passionate Love Warning~(Japanese ver.) PV
2. Watch Out (Original PV)
3. Latest Making Clip B(Total 10minutes)

DVD Time:20minutes

【Specification:Type-A・Type-B・Type-C Commonness】
● 8 Pages Booklet (inserted)
● Jewel case specification

Source: zea-japan.com
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ZE:A’s Asia Tour starts strong in Japan

10 May

Although Star Empire released a statement last month regarding the delay of their artists’ Japanese activities, ZE:A has not disappointed their Japanese fanbase with a big delay.

On May 4th, ZE:A began their Asia Tour with a stop in Yokohama, Japan. The group had originally scheduled a stop there in March, but the disasters that month caused them to postpone it. Regarding the calamity, leader Junyung said, “I was really worried, but thankfully everyone is fine.” The group then went into their 15-song set, which included material from their newest album “Lovability,” as well as their Japanese single “Love Letter,” to a combined crowd of over 8000 fans.

Are you happy for their success on their first stop?

Sources: Empire Children and IZA
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ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

30 Apr

Tall and Handsome Army ZE:A Charmed [Girls Award] Audience

Nine people of the Korean male vocal group ZE:A went to do live in the Fashion & Music Event 「Girls Award 」that held in 29th.
At this day’s stage, they showed three songs 「Here I am」、「MAZELTOV」、「LOVE COACH」. Combining their tall figures and extra ordinary styles in their sharp dances, they delivered powerful performances.
Their masculine vocals attracted the female fans to crowd the place.

“Children of Empire” is a well-known Korea 9 member male vocal group.
In January 7th 2010, They debuted with mini album 「Nativity」and single 「Mazeltov」. From before debut, they appeared in Mnet’s famous show “Empire Kids”, they had guerilla concerts more than 50 times nationwide and gained more than 10,000 fans, made it become a big topic.
At the same time when they debuted, they published the 1st mini album , at the same year in September Japan’s debut album [ZE:A!] ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily Chart, on December 2010 they released Japanese single 「Love☆Letter」and ranked 2nd on the same chart, they ranked 9th in weekly chart, continuing their steady step ups.
From their cute looks, they managed to make an unbelievable stage performance, the event itself is very popular and usually always sold out.
In April 27th ZE:A released new album [Here I Am].

Source: MDPR
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ZE:A’s “Lovability” reaches #2 on Taiwanese chart

5 Apr

The boys of ZE:A have been riding a wave of success, cemented by the release of their first full-length album “Lovability.” Now, it seems like their popularity is beginning to grow in Taiwan, as well.

Though their album was just released on March 29th in the country, it nabbed the #2 on that week’s GMUSIC chart(March 25-31), bested only by fellow K-pop artist TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down.”

In regards to the their placement, the group said, “We want to thank everyone for showing their love for our album not only in Korea but in Taiwan as well. We will work hard to do our best in the future.”

Are you surprised by their placement?

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ZE:A’s Siwan is a girl?

3 Apr

On the April 2nd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points Out of 100”, ZE:A’s Siwon received a penalty when his team was defeated.

Siwan appeared in a white dress and large hat, looking like the pure singer Ha Soo Bin. His believable and innocent look as a woman attracted the attention of the whole cast.

However, he revealed his masculinity through a powerful dance. Nonetheless, Kim Shin Young expressed her envy and said, “A face that I want to be born with.”

The casts in this episode were Seo Un Do, Park Sangchul, Simon D (Supreme Team), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Soyeon (T-ara), Hyosung (Secret), Min (Miss A), Siwan (ZE:A), and more.

Check out the screencaps below!

What do you think of his looks as a girl?

Source: Nate

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ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung expresses guilt

3 Apr

Recently, ZE:A’s Junyoung received surgery for a serious eye injury. It was reported that his surgery went smoothly and he is now stabilized.

On April 1st, a representative from ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire, stated, “Moon Junyoung is doing well and recovering from his surgery. There is nothing to worry about.” He also added, “We were worried about whether the injury will leave a scar, but fortunately it didn’t. He can’t chew food right now, and is only drinking porridge and juice.”

Furthermore, the representative said, “Depending on the progress, it would take about a month or so to completely heal. After the surgery, Junyoung said that he felt guilty towards the members and the fans, but do not worry because he was doing well.”

Meanwhile, the other eight members of ZE:A continue their promotions for the song, Here I Am, from their first studio album “Lovability”.

Let’s all hope that Junyoung will recover soon and come back to join the group!

Source: Nate

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ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung receives a serious eye injury

30 Mar

The leader of ZE:A, Moon Junyoung, was recently injured. On March 29th, Junyoung slid on the floor of his bathroom and it has been reported that he has received an injury around his eye.

ZE:A’s agency said on March 30th, “Moon Junyoung was recently in an accident, and slipped and fell on the floor of his bathroom. The injury is extremely serious. He received fractures to the bones surrounding his eye. The medical reports will determine whether he will need surgery on his eye or not.”

“With no choice ZE:A will continue their activities as an 8-member group.”**

We reported yesterday that ZE:A’s Kwanghee also injured his ankle during the group’s practice and will be out of the promotions for 4 weeks.

**NOTE: While Newsen have quoted that the agency said ZE:A will continue activities as an 8-member group, with Kwanghee also out with an injury, Koreaboo believes that a typo was made and should say that ZE:A will continue as a 7-member group.

Source: Newsen

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