2NE1 Member Sandara Park Sold 40.000 Rabbit Umbrella Limited Edition

10 May

2NE1 member Sandara accomplishes a smash hit of selling pink rabbit umbrellas that resembles her.

Etude House brand hired a professional advertising model Sandara Park as their new house model. And sells lovely pink rabbit umbrellas as commemoration to their Be Sweet Festival this May. And just an interval of one week after its release, the limited sale umbrellas reaches to 40,000 sold out making it as a smash hit.

The umbrella that is called ‘Sweet Bunny’ umbrella is sold in 2,000 won if you buy an Etude product worth 20,000 yen or more. And a whipping 40,000 umbrellas have been sold for the first week of its release.

Sandara Park wearing a beautiful floral dress while holding a sweet bunny umbrella garners attention, and the attention to the concerned umbrella was explosive as well.

Moreover, it was also said that the umbrella also attracts foreign tourist and consumers who go the store and said it was lovely and buy the umbrellas as best for souvenirs. And the popularity of the other product in different colors are well received too.

The Etude Representative said, “The concept came from Sandara Park’s nickname ‘Santokki’ which means rabbit.” he added, “The reactions of the public were far better than we thought and expected. It was very surprising. After this, it is scheduled to release more of products that will capture customer’s heart.”

Etude House ‘Sweet Bunny’ umbrella can be seen in their stores nationwide this May, and to online shop as well.
Source: http://www.k-poplove.com/archives/12308
Translated by: sivvie@OhDara

Shared : dkpopnews.net


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