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5dolls Hyoyoung says, “I’m not jealous” regarding her twin sister Hwayoung

7 Mar

Hyoyoung recently had an interview with Newsen and when asked about her twin sister Hwayoung, she stated, “I”m not jealous.” Hyoyoung is part of the mixed gender group Coed and is currently promoting in the female sub-unit 5dolls. Hwayoung, on the other hand, made her debut as the new member of T-ara. She adds, “Hwayoung joined an already successful group, so it makes sense that she would become popular already. I’m proud of her, but I want to create and build our own popularity.”

5dolls leader Soomi said, “One time I asked ‘do you want to be in T-ara?’ but she responded that she’d wanted to make her own path and rise to success instead of being given success.”

Despite being twins, the members of 5dolls said that Hyoyoung and Hwayoung had different personalities. In response to that, Hyoyoung said, “We always argue, actually, and everyone has to stop us.” The other members added, “Hyoyoung’s the mature one, while Hwayoung is the cute type. So Hyoyoung gives Hwayoung a lot of advice. Even though Hyoyoung is only 3 minutes older, sometimes it’s like she’s 3 years older.”

Then 5dolls revealed that Hyoyoung had suffered from a leg injury when preparations for the albums were in the works. Hyoyoung stated that it was hard and that, “It’s tough, but I don’t want my injury to effect the group.” The leg injury has healed, however, Hyoyoung still experiences pain during her performances and other schedules.

Soomi says, “During our practices, we admired her for working so hard and putting in so much effort despite her age. At first, she found time to practice by herself and didn’t tell us, this resulted in a miscommunication because we thought she was just playing around. She came to us crying about her leg and we felt sorry.”

5dolls are currently promoting two tracks, “It’s You” and “Lip Stains.” The members of 5dolls ends the interview with, “We’ll work hard on showing you a new side of us that you won’t see in Coed. We’ll work hard to become good singers.”

What do you think would have happend if Hwayoung had joined Coed with Hyoyoung instead of T-ara?

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Suzy comments on her “acting controversy” and tears up

7 Mar

There has been an ongoing debate about miss A’s Suzy lack of acting when she made her TV drama debut with KBS “Dream High” this year. On March 1st, KBS broadcast the “Dream High Special Concert” as part of the drama’s special episode. The special episode also included behind the scenes of the drama.

After watching a few NG scenes, Suzy suddenly burst into tears as she has been aware of the criticism on her acting. Suzy managed to say, “I lack a lot,” but was unable to say anymore. MC Park Kyunglim consoled her and then asked Suzy, “At what point was is the hardest?” Suzy replied, “When I was frustrated with my emotions.”

Despite the criticism, Suzy continued working hard on “Dream High”. “Dream High” made its last broadcast on February 28th. What did you think about Suzy’s acting?

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New U-Kiss member revealed

7 Mar

With the departure of U-Kiss members Alexander and Kibum, two new members are stepping in to take their place. The first addition revealed to be a young man named Yeo Hoonmin.

Hoon was born in 1991, and he was selected to be the new member for U-Kiss for his impressive vocal ability, good looks, and tall stature. The singer most recently appeared on the SBS drama “Athena” and currently holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

The new members are set to debut when U-Kiss makes their comeback with their new album this month. Check out a clip of Hoon’s singing in this music video below.

What do you think of the new member?

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JYJ Kim Junsu Donated 1.3 Tons of Rice From ‘Tears of Heaven’

7 Mar

Group JYJ member Kim Junsu donated 1.3 tons of rice wreath given by fans to show support for musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ to rehabilitation centre.

Rice wreath company Dreame ( on March 4th said, “Kim Junsu donated 650 kg rice to a Hope Care Centre located at the west Jingeon-eup, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, and also another 650 kg to a rehabilitation centre for handicapped people in Hwigyeong-dong, Seoul.” The rice was delivered directly to the rehabilitation centre as a heartwarming gift from Kim Junsu, showing his good heart.

Dreame representative later continued, “Kim Junsu donated the rice with a hope that it’s going to be at least a little help to these neighbors in difficulties, all the handicapped people and the needy,”

The 1.3 tons of rice delivered to the rehabilitation centre was sent by Kim Junsu’s Japanese fans to support his musical ‘Tears of Heaven’.

Not only Kim Junsu, other JYJ members have also been involved in rice donation activities. Previously Park Yoochun had donated rice wreath sent by his fans at KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ press conference that was broadcast last year. According to Dreame, a total of 11 tons of rice have been donated by JYJ and eaten by 100,000 undernourished children and other needy people.

Meanwhile JYJ will hold fanmeeting on coming March 12th, and are currently preparing for their World Tour that will start in April in 7 countries and 10 cities.

credit: TVDaily
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Ahn Seohyun visits Minho at MBC Music Core

7 Mar

On March 5th, seven year-old Ahn Seohyun tweeted pictures of herself with SHINee’s Minho and said, “Seohyunie came to see Show! Music Core. With Minho-oppa^^”. The photos shows Minho and Seohyun smiling and posing at the camera with peace signs. In both pictures, Seohyun wears what seems to be a shy smile as she stands next to Minho.

Seohyun recently was cast in the KBS idol drama “Dream High,” which focuses on six people working hard to achieve their dreams as stars. Seohyun played Suzy’s little sister, Go Hyesung.

Would you be shy too if you took a picture with Minho?

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TVXQ to release “Keep Your Head Down” repackaged album in Japan

7 Mar

The boys of TVXQ are set to move on and begin their promotions in Japan with a new repackaged album for “Keep Your Head Down” at the end of the month. The album will feature a new song titled “Before U Go” (“Kore Dake wa Wakatte Hoshii”).

The duo will also perform again for the SMTown Live concert in Tokyo on April 9th and 10th. It is also expected that TVXQ will use “Before U Go” as their repackaged track for their Korean promotions in March as well. Expect the Japanese album to drop on March 30th.

Are you anticipating the new material from TVXQ?

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